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Are you wondering why do we need Wiki4CAM when we already have the Wikipedia?

Wiki4Cam has been started to provide an online encyclopedia on all CAM therapies, written by CAM professionals – people who actually study and practice complementary and alternative medicine.

Wikipedia is undoubtedly the world’s biggest and most read and referenced encyclopedia. The community participation has made it a huge success. But its open architecture has (at times) also led to the use of Wikipedia for gaining political mileage and for spreading biased views by a handful of editors.

This has happened to many complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapy articles on Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia is an open platform, people who do not have any qualification in any CAM therapy and shallow skeptics, often edit and sabotage articles. As a result, millions of people who use internet to search for alternative medicine get exposed to anti-CAM data. At the time when the world is rushing towards alternative medicine, the effort to ridicule the alternative medicine cannot be ignored.

Wikipedia is a wonderful tool and we are not against Wikipedia in any way. It is the quality of content about CAM therapies and undue skeptical intervention at Wikipedia, that has led us to create a secure environment for the CAM therapies in the form of wiki4cam.org.

Yes! This is why we need a place where the CAM community can build its own knowledge base. We need a place where the CAM practitioners themselves write articles and create a true picture of its history, development, efficacy and positive research. The CAM community needs to come together to create exhaustive articles about each CAM therapy. Hpathy.com will work to optimize the Wiki4CAM content so that the Wiki4CAM pages rank in the top 10 in all search results. We need to make our side of story available too.

A greater need

Even if you ignore the effect of Wikipedia on CAM, there is no denying that Wikipedia is not a very exhaustive reference resource for all CAM therapies, practices and medicines. The knowledge base of CAM, which includes hundreds of years of clinical experience, is often ignored and ridiculed as unscientific because often there is no double-blind RCT data to support it yet. People forget that a large number of modern day medical practices and medicines are derived from the CAM practices and remedies. The rich knowledge base of CAM needs extensive documentation and easy accessibility to all researchers. Wiki4CAM intends to provide a platform to meet this goal.


If you are a CAM practitioner (homeopath, naturopath, chiropractor, osteopath, ayurvedic or herbal practitioner etc) or a School/College of any CAM therapy or a CAM practitioner and if you want to make information about your CAM modality to be available widely or if you are concerned about the anti-CAM propaganda, take up the responsibility for creating articles about your CAM therapy at Wiki4CAM. Let us all come together and create a true encyclopedia for Complementary and Alternative Therapies. This wiki is open ONLY to CAM practitioners. Wiki4CAM is technically supported by Hpathy.com, world's leading homeopathy portal and we will try to ensure that this wiki gives the CAM community the most conducive atmosphere for creating its knowledge base. We strongly discourage skeptics from registering here.

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